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Our mission is to develop student-athletes who will perform at the highest level in the classroom, in competition, and in our community while staying in compliance with rule and regulations set forth by the IHSA and Winnebago School District #323.  We will operate under an administrative structure managed in an open and fiscally sound manner, supporting opportunities for personal and academic growth for all students and staff, and committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

The Winnebago Activities Department will follow four basic principles: to facilitate academic excellence while promoting the well-being of student participants, to administer clearly, openly, and responsibly, and to support the goals of the Winnebago School District by achieving academic excellence, athletic excellence, student-athlete personal development, and school pride.

The goals of the Winnebago Activities Department are to:

  • Provide exceptional opportunities for every participant who partakes in Winnebago Athletics and Activities.
  • Compete successfully in every activity, striving to show school pride through athletics and academics, with the ultimate goal of becoming champions in the classroom, in competition, and in our community.
  • Provide academic support within the department to ensure continued academic success.
  • Provide adequate financial support within the department to ensure continuing development of each program without bias.
  • Produce quality student-athletes that comply fully with all IHSA and Winnebago School District regulations.

The Winnebago School District further recognizes the unique roles and responsibilities of our coaches ans parents in extracurricular activities.  Coaches and parents primary roles should be to teach the lifetime values of extracurriculars and to always lead by example.  Winnebago’s activity programs are an integral part of the school and community.  Their impact is immensely important in promoting a positive school atmosphere, as it offers opportunities for adults to interact with our students in meaningful ways not available in the classroom.


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